This site is all about me, the work I am doing and my commentary on the subjects that most interest me, namely - Games, social networking, design and mobile. Not sure these four subjects actually narrow down the scope of this site at all, considering that the world at large has more mobile phones than people, design is all around us, games have been played since the dawn of culture and anyone reading this right now is probably using a social networking site of some sort, debating if what I am writing is worth liking on Facebook or tweeting about on Twitter. 

So a little about me - The Gaming Years

I started in the games industry at Sega, right before the launch of the Dreamcast console. It was an amazing time for gaming and I could not have asked for a better start to working in the games industry. Many of the people that I worked with at Sega have remained in contact, and still continue to make a profound impact on the games industry to this day.

The Mobile Years

Fast forward to October 2003 when I joined Nokia, helping to launch the original (what we now call "classic") N-Gage hardware gaming phone. Another company, another hardware launch. The N-Gage "Classic" never met with the success one would hope, but a little know fact is that the hardware itself was one of the highest loyalty rated devices produced by Nokia at the time. The few people who owned them, loved them. More importantly for me though, this got me started in the mobile industry, and not just the mobile industry, but the fledging mobile games industry. The mobile games industry at the time was the red headed stepchild of "real games" (PC and console). This industry would be my passion for the next six years, working on such hits as Pocket Kingdom, Reset Generation and working along side industry greats like Ed Annunziata (Creator of Ecco the Dolphin), Ed Rotberg (creator of BattleZone), and Scott Foe.

Today - The Free to Play Years

When I joined KIXEYE in 2011, my perspective of Free to Play was that it was full of Farmville clones and other mediocre games. Even though I had this perception I joined KIXEYE because they were trying to do something different, making more “hardcore” (which I define as complex) games. Fortunately for me, I got to be at the forefront of the games industry transformation from P2P (play to play) to F2P. Creating TOME - Immortal Arena, has allowed me to set a new high bar in browser gaming, bringing AAA console gaming quality to the web browser. Personally I can’t think of a more exciting time to be in the games industry with the now ubiquitousness of gaming, new consoles out, browser games that look stunning and VR on the horizon.

Time will tell how all of these things will come together, but I know one thing, I will be there at the intersection of all things - Games, social networking, design, and mobile.